EU set to clear Dell's $67 billion deal to buy EMC: sources

Dell Inc, the world's third-biggest maker of computers, is set to gain unconditional EU antitrust approval for its $67 billion bid for data storage company EMC Corp, two people familiar with the matter said on Thursday.

Uber losing $1 billion a year to compete in China

Uber Technologies Inc is burning through more than a billion dollars a year in China as it wages a fierce price war against local rival Didi Kuaidi, its chief executive said.

Modi's 'Make In India' racks up $222 billion in investment pledges

A week-long "Make in India" fair closed on Thursday with $222 billion in investment pledges, but thin attendance by foreign firms at the event launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi means many are unlikely to actually happen.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

How to Choose a White Pedestal Sink or Siphon Cover Under The Sink?

How to Choose a White Pedestal Sink or Siphon Cover Under The Sink?

Sink looks compact and helps to hide the pipes from view. As a rule, bowls sold with legs as one item of sanitary ware. But more frequently the opportunity to purchase these items separately. How to choose the right pedestal so that it was in harmony with sink, interior bathroom and perform well?
Since the communication is hidden in the leg, it is important to choose it so that they're fit properly. There are other factors influencing the choice of the legs under the washbasin. But first, a closer look at the range of these elements.

Thus, the pedestal has a leg under the sink bowl in the shape of a cylinder. There are also models with a list. In addition to a full pedestal based on the basis of types are now produced. They have a height which is required to conceal the siphon. A continuation of the sewer pipe is hidden in the wall. Siphon cover is convenient to place sink at any height. The height of the basin on the whole leg is always fixed (70-85 cm).

The main function of the pedestal is masking the pipes. But it is believed also that it acts as an additional support for the cup. Siphon cover support will not be attached to the wall as well as the bowl itself.

The choice is always start with the cup. It can be made of faience, porcelain, glass and steel. Accordingly, the selected stem from the same material. Exceptions are glass sinks that they fit stainless steel legs.
Responsibly treat the choice of sizes. First measure the space in the bathroom and determine the width of the basin. The optimum width is of 55-65 cm can be supplied and a narrower sink in the bathroom cramped but be prepared to splash water on the walls and floor. A wider product 65 cm can be placed only in very spacious rooms. Despite the slim design, they look quite bulky. In height, you must be convenient to use the resulting design without leaning over the sink and not getting up on his toes.

The shape of the white pedestal sink should be in harmony with the cup for a cubic rectangular, square and round to round. If there is a decoration, it must be the same on both elements. In such cases it is better to choose items from a collection of design.


Friday, 15 April 2016

Best World Architecture

Happy Rizzi House
One can only imagine the confusion and amazement of the inhabitants of Brunswick, where in the old German town (built in the 9th century) there was this Happy Rizzi House.

The coolest student dormitory in the world
Call this the beauty of dorm, the language does not turn. Situated these things a hostel for students in, the new area of Copenhagen in Denmark. It is called Tietgen campus and is a circular apartment building with impressive size yard. The building was built in 2006. On seven floors there are 360 rooms, occupying a total area of 26,800 sq.m. The round shape of the building, a symbol of equality and unity.

In the courtyard seen hostel accommodations, cuisine that seemed stuck in the air. The windows of all 360 rooms face outward and the inner courtyard of the building. The kitchen plays an important role in the hostel. A total of 30 spacious building kitchens, one for every 12 rooms. Each kitchen is equipped with 4 fridges, 2 stoves and all necessary equipment for cooking. The kitchen also has a table with colorful chairs.

The room with one bedroom covers an area of 26-33 sq.m. The building also has 30 rooms with two bedrooms (for couples and students who need extra space) area of 45 sq.m. 
All rooms are part of a large window that opens onto a balcony or veranda. All rooms have a private bathroom and toilet with under floor heating, toilet and shower. For each block as a common room allocated, which may meet all the residents of the block, and the hostel in general
the hostel has received many awards, including a best building for the students.
Autostadt in Wolfsburg

The Autostadt, which translates as "Autostadt" in Wolfsburg stayed, was built in 2000. This is called the city within a city; a huge complex dedicated to the history of the automotive industry, in particularly the brandVolkswagen.
 It all started with the desire to expand the number of local office and Volkswagen in Wolfsburg attracts more customers. The scale of this venture eventually grew so that the construction of a town was started in 1998, and now marvel at the wonders of the automotive industry come here not only to potential buyers of cars but also a large number of tourists. Choosing a place for the realization of this idea in a matter of life did not cause. In Wolfsburg, it is the very first Volkswagen plant. The city itself appeared in the late 1930s, only to ensure the needs of the ever-increasing production and involved in it working. After 60 years of concern needed another city in already existing: the times are changing and changing customer expectations. Now that is often much cheaper to buy a car from an Asian or an Dubaiarchitecture firms, becomes especially important to instill in people a "sense of the brand." Many automakers are satisfied with the exhibition, open museums and posh showrooms to attract the attention of an increasing number of people and instill in them a certain feeling to the mark. Expenses for realization of this ambitious project at Volkswagen totaled 430 million euros huge Autostadt complex are located on the shore of an artificially created channel Mittelland. And finally, by clicking on the bridge of 240 meters in length to the other side, you find yourself no longer in Wolfsburg, but in a very different world - the world of Volkswagen Group. Autostadt\, is more than a museum. If Autograd are not located in Wolfsburg  , it could easily become an independent administrative unit, as he stretched out the length of more than five kilometers. In addition to the headquarters of the Volkswagen Group, the assembly line, the hotel Ritz-Carlton, automotive history museum, two theaters, several restaurants in the complex are seven pavilions, which are models of car brands that are part of the group 


Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Useful Tips for Men: How to dress nicely?

 "You do not get a second chance to make a first impression, - said for everyone. Male wardrobe plays an important role in creating the first impression. After all, if a woman does not like the way the man dressed, meeting can not take place. Hopefully, these tips will help you get dressed with taste and attract female attention.

In a survey of men's fashion was attended who are looking for serious relationship. They helped identify five elements of the male wardrobe, which are particularly disfavor the fair part.

Take it off immediately

Based on this, our first useful advice for men is to wear open shoes, respectively, only the weather on bare feet, socks also reserved for closed shoes. So you have more chances to please a woman.

Also, most women (approx 84%) consider it as a bad sign, when men wear a tracksuit, and in the feast, and kind people. We encourage men to wear sports uniforms only for its intended purpose, i.e. during sports. In other circumstances, such clothing looks out of place.

Major Chains on the neck do not liked by 67% of the women. Therefore, one of the best private label T-shirtmanufacturer in industry provides their good advice for men is you all should be in moderation, do not attract the attention of very large or flashy accessories, let the better it will be a highlight in the form of stylish watches and cuff links.

Floral patterns do not liked by 53% of the survey participants. Women appreciate the brave men and floral patterns are most element of the female wardrobe. So our advice to men: if you're not on vacation to the sea, avoid this ornament. More concise solutions will make a better impression on the ladies.

Jeans and dirty shoes

Your negative attitude towards jeans with pockets on the sides expressed 42% of the fair. Good advice for men: Pick up jeans or pants that do not distort the lines of your figure, believe me, you will be appreciated. Remember all these above tips and you will be noticed everywhere you go.


Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Door Knockers Buying Guide

This exquisite piece of metal such as a door knocker puts an extra impression on visitors and leaves them with a feel of awe.

The main purpose of a door knocker is to knock the door .

It's a simple door accessory usually with a metallic ring which has a landing stub. Whilst the ring lands at the stub, it creates a sound which alerts the occupants of a visitor. It usually spares the knuckles of the visitor.

These days electric/electronic door bells have emerged. However, The door knocker is undoubtedly a green alternative to these besides enhancing the visible appeal of your house.

A door knocker typically has a part fixed to the door, and a part (commonly metallic) connected to it via a hinge. This component is lifted and used to strike a plate connected to the door or the door itself, inorder to make a noise. The struck plate, if present, would be provided and equipped with the knocker.
Door knockers are normally built through metal, but can be not anything more than a easy fitting with a metal bob or ring. There are several types of door knockers avaliable such as Brass Door Knocker or Black Iron Door Knockers.

These are available in plenty of shapes, sizes and color You can pick one which suits your door color and matches with your overall home design.

Most common material used for production of door knockers is brass. Although its immune to corrosion, brass needs frequent polishing. So that you can consider gun metal or powder coated varieties.


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